Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Bright Lights!!

I was sorting out some pendants today to send up to Bluebird Beads in Lancaster - the lovely Georgia is trying out a few more of my pendants in her shop.

Last time I sent some up I forgot to photograph them (I know, silly me) so I made sure I did so today.

It can be quite difficult to photograph glass sometimes. You cannot always capture the depth of colour, and of course, by nature it's often highly reflective - the last thing you want to see when you're looking at my pendants is me and my camera looking back at you!

Most of the items I selected today are made from one of my favourite types of glass, irridised - it shines and sparkles beautiful colours, which show subtle changes depending on the angles. I love its surprises.

It was early evening when I was taking the photographs - the sun was low enough that my gigantic sized parasol had no effect whatsover, so I took refuge in the shade from the fence - however that meant that my glass was picking up reflections from the house.

I really must get myself a light tent (I am sure I can make one actually if I put my mind to it!)

Anyway, I've put this first one in as I loved the group composition - unfortunately, the white pendant got completely bleached out as the camera couldn't cope with getting the light right for every pendant - not even Photoshop can tweak the white blob back into something resembing a pendant in anything other than shape.

Just to prove that I haven't managed to make a pendant that would light up Wembley Stadium, I'll finish up with some individual pics of some of the seven pendants I will be sending to sunny Lancaster.


angelarook said...

Oh my goodness, what beautiful rolled silver bails! Did you make them yourself or did you find them somewhere?

Zelda Zog said...

Thank you Angela, I would love to say I made them myself, but I do buy them in - they are my favourite type of bail though.

Thanks again