Saturday, 24 October 2009


Okay, so its not glass related, Uni related, or anything to do with Art or Craft.... but dear son went to school Halloween Disco on Thursday, the theme was Thriller.

He won first prize for fancy dress, and apparently he can dance, too!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Craft Matters - the Craft Council

The Crafts Council, who do a great job of promoting Craft in the UK

If you value Craft, please help by signing their petition here. to show your support.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

DIY Disaster?

Well, not quite.

Last night, I was very proud of myself, as I put together a table I bought from Ikea a few months ago, that's just been sitting in a box for ages.

Did it all by myself, it was tough work I can tell you. It's a good, solid table, so I am quite pleased with it, there's only one problem....

It's so heavy, that I cannot actually pick it up by myself and turn it over. And I really don't know if we're going to get it out of the living room without removing a leg or two (built it in the comfort of the living room, so the top was protected and so were my knees!).

See, I am fine with glass, but perhaps I really shouldn't be let loose with a screwdriver....

I am a BAD Blogger.....

Honestly, I don't know where the time goes.....

So,we've got started, this is it, final and most important year. Hard to picture that in only EIGHT months time, we will have opened the graduate show (gulp!)

We've squeezed into our matchboxes spaces at Uni now, so just got to get on with some actual work.

Hit the ground running with dissertation information, meetings and deadlines..... if it wasn't for this module, I would be fine and dandy and a happy little third year. Hey ho, not got much choice in the matter. Actually, I was very good recently, and I wrote a piece of work that doesn't have to be submitted until tomorrow morning! Well, its still got a few tweaks, but those who know me well, will also know that my usual style would be Monday morning deadline = Sunday start. Yes, I probably won't actually finish it off completely til later this evening, but I am not sure I have ever been his far ahead....

Was given the go ahead to start my Negotiated Research Project, so I will try and update the blog with how things are going, but don't hold your breath! At the moment, I will be working on more tiles, but trying out different methods of surface decoration, whether it be print, colour and or texture. Doing some lino cutting this week, I will try my best not to cut my hand. Printing with these, and then casting them....