Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Getting A Reaction

A few weekends ago, I ran glass fusing taster day at the Long Eaton Art Room.

It was a lovely day, and everybody seemed to have a great time. And they were a very productive bunch!

I went over to the Art room to see the work when it first came out of the kiln (I do wonder if that excitement will ever wear off, the feeling I get when I open a kiln to see the results!) - there was some fabulous work, but I was particularly intrigued by a couple of pieces that looked as though one colour had been outlined against another,

I'm sure lamp-workers will already know about these things, but I only really knew about striking and reducing, so off I went to do a bit of research.

Apparently it all depends on what is the glass - but if a glass containing say, copper added, is next to a colour with sulphur added, a reaction will occur and that reaction causes a colour change. Here's a piece I tried, using different colours that I knew should react:

The bottom piece was light cyan, the middle is vanilla and the frit on top is turquoise, all opal Bullseye glass.

I am pleased that the reaction occurred with both colour borders and it is something I would like to investigate a lot further (ha ha, when I have time!) - in combining more colours that should react to see what effects I can achieve.

Playing with Millie......


As part of one of out university projects, we're doing Restoration and Reconstruction - and in my infinite wisdom, I chose a Roman glass mosaic plate that is in the British Museum, so the last few weeks have been research into the techniques.

I have to get some cane pulled, but meanwhile, I have been playing with ready bought murrini that I got off a certain auction site....

Here's a couple of examples:

The one on the left was made with "Tronchini" which are the large ends of pulled cane that are usually waste. It is about 2.5 inches in diameter. The one on the right is made from the murrini, and is only about 1 inch.

Now, for my project, all I have to do is sort out the correct coloured cane and then I can make a nice Roman plate!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

This one's for my brother!

My son likes to draw, and he did this one yesterday, from nothing - as in, he had neither a picture, photograph OR a real bird in front of him - all out of his imagination (apart from the eye, which he couldn't get right at first, so I suggested he get a book to draw from for that).

I think its ace and I am very proud - he'll be eleven in January.

Sorry about the lines though, I could photo-shop each one out, but I just wanted to post it.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Not long til Christmas.....

I know, I have been terrible at updating the blog again - sooo much happening at Uni at the moment, and right now, this moment, I should be doing a label and essay - so I will have to make this short!

Last week we set up the exhibition, I really didn't think I would get a piece into it, I had proper fell out with my work by the time came to submit. But viewed with fresh eyes, and getting feedback, and especially seeing it displayed in a proper cabinet like "real" work, it didn't seem half so bad. I still don't think its my best work by half, but it's okay.

Moving on!! We're now on a batch production project (as well as R & R) not sure what I will be doing for it yet, but have a few ideas milling round in my head. No promises here, but I will try and keep you updated!

Yesterday I did a glass fusing taster day at the Long Eaton Art Room, and I think everybody enjoyed it - so I must be doing something right!

I like people to relax, enjoy the class, and be creative, so I try to give ideas of what's possible rather than be too prescribed. I wanted to suggest a few ideas for Christmas, and whilst not all of it came out of the kiln okay, I was quite pleased with this, which was made from ordinary window glass, wasn't planned or thought out - rather it was thrown together at last minute.

Sorry for the rather naff photo, but it's all I have right now!