Thursday, 31 December 2009

... And a Happy New Year!

A (hopefully) funny post to end the year on.

Santa was kind to me, and I got lots of lovely, useful, tasty and pretty things. Hope you did too (well, you might not all have wanted pretty stuff, but the others are fairly safe...)

One of the things on my list was a pop up light tent, so that I can photograph the glass jewellery. Someone had kindly lent me one to try out before I went out and bought one of my own, to see how I got on - I liked it and put one on my list, but I got lots of other things instead, so Boxing Day I ordered one of my own. As it was only a couple of quid more than the one I have on loan, I went for a bigger one.

Well, it arrived yesterday, I unzipped the bag, and nearly got knocked out by it when it popped open... I think maybe I went for slightly too big a size....

Apparently, I am not the only one on the Frit Happens! Forum to have gone OTT and ordered a beach shelter instead of a light tent - we might have our very own GLASStonbury festival with them....

Happy New Year to you all!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Hoping Santa will still be kind....

Cos I have been a BAAAAAD blogger again, haven't I? 22nd November was my last post. Tut tut.

I do have an excuse, strike that, a *reason*. The dissertation was due in on Friday, so on top of trying to get shopping for Christmas, falling off loft ladders, still practical work at Uni, and attending various concerts and events - and for same strange reason, unbeknown to man, I thought it would be great idea to make my own cards this year!! Not like I haven't it before, and got lots of the stuff, but why did I think I might have time to do it!

Oh well, the dissertation got handed in a whole FOUR hours before the deadline. For me, this is unheard of. There is hope for me yet. And I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it felt to get rid of that 35 sheet file.... (picture me with an inane grin on my face....)

Happy Christmas!