Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A Few Pictures from Rufford...

Over on my Uni blog (I call it my uni blog, I don't know why, I am no longer at uni!) - okay, over on Dawn Turner Designs, I have posted a few photographs of the stand we had at Rufford Earth & Fire at the end of June.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Time On My Hands

Just a quick post... thought it was about time I wrote something!

Playing about with layouts and things at the moment, and still deciding the actual purpose of this blog vs t'other one... well, the Dawn Turner Designs blog is really for updates to the main website, and for my ceramics and glass wall art...

When I first started this blog, it was a bit of a mixture of personal stuff, classes, uni work, whatever I felt like writing about.

I don't even know if many people follow this at the moment!

Over the coming weeks, I have to:

  • Update my Handmade by Dawn website - new photos, updates, and maybe even some work to sell!
  • Update Dawn Turner Designs to reflect anything that's happening (and there is some news there, about studio space and stuff!)
  • Decide what blog is for which, and whether I am in fact going to keep both running (although now I am not snowed under with Uni work, it might be quite manageable!)
  • Get Tweeting a bit more (when I have work to tweet about that is)
  • Make more "TO DO" lists, in case I run out of the ones I have...
Huh, holiday time, eh?  What's that then?