Monday, 8 November 2010

Check out the other blog...

Not a lot of updating going on here I am afraid!

I do seem to update the Dawn Turner Designs blog more often these days, so feel free to follow me on there.... I think there's a few more pretty pictures on there right now.

I've set up a Facebook fan page for Dawn Turner Designs.  We've got the Shed 2 Studios Open Event on Saturday13th November.  Then I am busy with craft fairs for three weeks, hence why not a lot of blogging going on here. I've also been networking, visiting a couple of schools, and soon hope to be spending a week shadowing an artist in residence, which should be a great experience.  Somewhere I have to fit in a bit of Christmas shopping!

Talking of craft fairs, if you've ever had a stand at one, this blog post will sound all too familiar:

Have a read, it's great fun (and rather true!)