Saturday, 27 March 2010

Getting Married....

No, no, no, not me!!  Heavens above, did you think I'd gone mad??  You know I keep shouting about this auction that we're having for our New Designers fund at Uni...well, some of the items up for grabs would be perfect for a bride.

This necklace and earrings set by Sandra Jones is just stunning....  it's made from freshwater pearls, swarovski crystals and silver.

I've already re-photographed it, because the original pic didn't do it justice, and I still don't think it looks as stunning as it does in real life.

It might not be my usual thing, but if I were getting married, I would love to wear this.  You can  visit the auction page here

This could be for a wedding, or perhaps a prom, as tis coming up to the season where young teenagers celebrate this age old tradition (er, yeah, okay) after all.

Jo, of Jo Bailey Designs, offers to custom make a tiara - the one here is just an example of her work - what a fabulous idea, to have one made to your designs.

Visit the auction page here

There are so many other items up for offer in the auction too - special thank you earrings for your maid of honour, something girly pink for your chief bridesmaid, something special for the new mum-in-law, even a gift for the best man.

There's so many things!  Take a look at the gallery here... and DON'T forget to bid!  You never know.....

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Auction Shout Outs...

As if I haven't shouted about it enough already (tweeted, face-booked, now blogged!), I just wanted to highlight some of the lovely items available in our Auction, just in case anybody missed it!  (You'll have to excuse me, not only do I want us to raise as much money as possible to help us get to New Designers 2010, I am also rather proud of actually building a functioning website!)

So, a few pretties to feast your eyes on:

Glen Godden of Steam Punk Glass donated this lovely wine bottle stopper.  The top is made of borosilicate glass, (you might know this better as Pyrex!) and Glenn makes these most intricate marbles that are like mini galaxies.  I treated my son to one or two at Christmas (marbles that is, not stoppers, he's a bit young for wine), not the sort of marble to play with, but to simply sit and stare at and lose yourself in for a while...


London Taxi by Rachel Elliott Glassworks

This is part of a limited edition set that Rachel made for an installation in London St Pancras Crypt to celebrate 50 years of the London Taxi.  So there's only 50 of them... like many other things in this auction, I'd really like this myself....

Debbie Bryan is specialised in creating design led craft based pieces, committed to a handmade local ethos that ensures quality and unique character in each scarf, brooch and pair of cuff links.

She recently opened a shop in the heart of the Nottingham Lace Market area.

These are only three of over fifty items we have up for auction.  Have a drool through the gallery and see if you can find yourself something special!

Monday, 15 March 2010

I have Website Blindness

.... I have been building the auction section of our Derby Crafts website ... and the blind auction is now live.

I've been looking at it that long, I can't see straight.... but hopefully it looks a bit better to everybody else!

Take a look (and place a bid!!)

Derby Crafts Auction

Monday, 8 March 2010

I love seahorses!

Sadly, the class didn't run yesterday - I enjoy it when I run these classes, but numbers were low - so we've postponed now til the summer.

I have plenty to do for Uni anyways. I have just started (another) new blog, this one following my progress through the final project. Not sure yet if it's a good idea or not.... I sometimes have enough difficulty in maintaining this blog!

The idea though, is that by updating the blog, I can consolidate my thoughts, check on my own progress... and perhaps having to publish my ideas in some sort of coherent manner will force me think more clearly, focus me a little. Or, of course, it could simply overwhelm me with extra work! So, I hope to keep it short, but frequent. Ha.

Meanwhile, I was having a bit of a play last week with glass blobs, here's my latest:

Also, when tidying up (or, more likely!) searching for something the other week, I came across these that I had done at summer school a few years ago - batik silk painting (or though the seahorse isn't on silk)

Sorry the photos aren't good, I might edit them later and upload better ones.