Sunday, 21 March 2010

Auction Shout Outs...

As if I haven't shouted about it enough already (tweeted, face-booked, now blogged!), I just wanted to highlight some of the lovely items available in our Auction, just in case anybody missed it!  (You'll have to excuse me, not only do I want us to raise as much money as possible to help us get to New Designers 2010, I am also rather proud of actually building a functioning website!)

So, a few pretties to feast your eyes on:

Glen Godden of Steam Punk Glass donated this lovely wine bottle stopper.  The top is made of borosilicate glass, (you might know this better as Pyrex!) and Glenn makes these most intricate marbles that are like mini galaxies.  I treated my son to one or two at Christmas (marbles that is, not stoppers, he's a bit young for wine), not the sort of marble to play with, but to simply sit and stare at and lose yourself in for a while...


London Taxi by Rachel Elliott Glassworks

This is part of a limited edition set that Rachel made for an installation in London St Pancras Crypt to celebrate 50 years of the London Taxi.  So there's only 50 of them... like many other things in this auction, I'd really like this myself....

Debbie Bryan is specialised in creating design led craft based pieces, committed to a handmade local ethos that ensures quality and unique character in each scarf, brooch and pair of cuff links.

She recently opened a shop in the heart of the Nottingham Lace Market area.

These are only three of over fifty items we have up for auction.  Have a drool through the gallery and see if you can find yourself something special!

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