Saturday, 27 March 2010

Getting Married....

No, no, no, not me!!  Heavens above, did you think I'd gone mad??  You know I keep shouting about this auction that we're having for our New Designers fund at Uni...well, some of the items up for grabs would be perfect for a bride.

This necklace and earrings set by Sandra Jones is just stunning....  it's made from freshwater pearls, swarovski crystals and silver.

I've already re-photographed it, because the original pic didn't do it justice, and I still don't think it looks as stunning as it does in real life.

It might not be my usual thing, but if I were getting married, I would love to wear this.  You can  visit the auction page here

This could be for a wedding, or perhaps a prom, as tis coming up to the season where young teenagers celebrate this age old tradition (er, yeah, okay) after all.

Jo, of Jo Bailey Designs, offers to custom make a tiara - the one here is just an example of her work - what a fabulous idea, to have one made to your designs.

Visit the auction page here

There are so many other items up for offer in the auction too - special thank you earrings for your maid of honour, something girly pink for your chief bridesmaid, something special for the new mum-in-law, even a gift for the best man.

There's so many things!  Take a look at the gallery here... and DON'T forget to bid!  You never know.....

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