Saturday, 17 April 2010

Everybody Blogs!

I started blogging a couple of years ago, when I met Maz from Amari Gems, who told me she blogged as an easy way to let her customers know when she'd made new jewellery - blogs are a much easier to update than websites, even when you know what you're doing and can speak HTML!

I still often don't quite know what to talk about, as this is more of a personal blog than a work related one.  The one I started intending to follow my final few months of uni is woefully neglected at the moment... probably because I am busy doing my uni work!

A friend of mine, Paul Cummins, who graduated from Derby last year (I am on the same course as he was), has an installation coming up at Chatsworth in April/May it looks really interesting, hope I can squeeze a day to go.

What I shouldn't have been surprised at, but was, is that Chatsworth House has it's own blog!  I've added it to my follow list, as I think it could be quite interesting....

I've had a busy few days, even though not much uni work as been going on, I was determined to have some proper time with my son, knowing that the next six weeks is going to be intense, and I might not see much of him, we went to London on Wednesday (and were in the Science Museum when it got evacuated - took about 25 minutes, wouldn't like to be there in a real emergency).  And yesterday, we went to Flame Off! - an excuse for mainly lamp-workers, but generally anybody with a passion for glass, jewellery and big hot torches to melt glass with, to get together and gas about glass.... we both made a few beads, and it was fab day.


Good Monkey said...

.....and didn't we have a lovely time at Flame Off. I'm just munching on the remainder of the biscwits we bought to scoff on the way home :O) :O) :O)

ChatElaine said...

I had alovely time too, sorry I didnt get close enough to meet you, I kept seeing you off in the distance, but couldnt get over in time to say Hi. Good luck with your uni stuff and I hope your young chap had a good time too!!

Zelda Zog said...

Thank you both, we had a great time, Ashley said it was the highlight of his school holidays!

Hope you enjoyed the biscuits, didn't think Ashley had left much apart from crumbs in Sandra's car!

Elaine, sorry too, it was a bit of a manic day for trying to get round and meet everybody, which really was the main reason I went (unlike someone who kept dragging me back to the torches!)