Friday, 8 August 2008

She flies like a bird.....

in the sky-ay-ay-ay..... wasn't that the song from the Nimble advert? Gosh, I am showing my age I guess.

This evening, about 8.00pm, just out the back door, we saw a hot air balloon over the school. So what, you ask? Well, the school field runs along the bottom of my garden, so it was rather close! It really looked as though it wasn't going to clear the trees.

The tree you can see in the picture is at the bottom of next door, so about 60 feet from where I was standing.

I also took a video, and whilst they were flying over right over us, we were able to actually talk to them, well, shout I suppose - could quite clearly make out faces and so on.

My son was fascinated - so was my cat! After the initial shock of the noise of the burner, when they both (cats that is) scarpered, the boy, Thistle, who's just plain daft, came back and jumped over the left side fence to follow the balloon on its way... nut.

My son followed it to the local field, only a couple of minutes walk away to see it land.

It's the most exciting thing to have happened round here for a while!

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