Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Experimental - and it's not glass!

These are following on from a project I was working on at the end of term before we finished Uni for the summer - I promised myself I would use the summer break to experiment loads but to be honest, it hasn't happened much.

These are made from a combination of two different types of porcelain - a plain white body, and a black "grogged" porcelain - after a biscuit firing, the black clay was a sort of burgundy/purple colour. After a subsequent firing at stoneware temperatures, it has indeed gone darker, but isn't a true black - a few of the pieces are darker in areas than others, probably depending on the ratio of black to white, but generally they are dark brown.

There are a few more pieces still a Uni waiting to be fired to even higher porcelain temperatures, so when these are done, I wonder if the dark clay will then go fully black?

Of course, I will let you know!


Mary said...

I really trully love these. Great colour! I've just come back from a week's holiday. I paid a visit to Blue bird beads in Lancaster and saw your pendants. I made sure I said in a really loud voice: "Hey these are Dawn's. Aren't they gorgeous!", I wasn't talking to myself, I had my son with me at the time!

Zelda Zog said...

Yay, well done Mary, all support fully appreciated!