Saturday, 26 July 2008

Hot Stuff!

Well, the day has been - not the glass (a few weeks ago I had a mass making week, kiln was on almost constantly for four or five days, and my house was SO warm - I should do all my fusing in winter, reduce my heating bills!

I do need to do some more fusing, but it has been far to warm for that. So, instead I was going to sort out my pieces, get everything photographed and post a few more on here (and update my website).

But in the end, I have not done a lot today - took my son swimming, him and his friend were in the pool for THREE hours (mind you, I was tempted to jump in myself!) - and because we (they) were in the pool for so long, the cafeteria had closed. So we took a walk to the local chip shop and then spent the rest of the afternoon at the park - it was lovely, but boy it was hot!

So not been a particularly productive day at all - hey ho!

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