Monday, 8 March 2010

I love seahorses!

Sadly, the class didn't run yesterday - I enjoy it when I run these classes, but numbers were low - so we've postponed now til the summer.

I have plenty to do for Uni anyways. I have just started (another) new blog, this one following my progress through the final project. Not sure yet if it's a good idea or not.... I sometimes have enough difficulty in maintaining this blog!

The idea though, is that by updating the blog, I can consolidate my thoughts, check on my own progress... and perhaps having to publish my ideas in some sort of coherent manner will force me think more clearly, focus me a little. Or, of course, it could simply overwhelm me with extra work! So, I hope to keep it short, but frequent. Ha.

Meanwhile, I was having a bit of a play last week with glass blobs, here's my latest:

Also, when tidying up (or, more likely!) searching for something the other week, I came across these that I had done at summer school a few years ago - batik silk painting (or though the seahorse isn't on silk)

Sorry the photos aren't good, I might edit them later and upload better ones.


Anonymous said...

blogging just adds to the list of things to distract you from organising yourself. I dont think it actually achieves organisation or thought clearing -
can you tell me how to find people on eblogger and how to add them to my blog list oh great blogging master x

Zelda Zog said...

You could be right there Mary, perhaps I think I am in control this way!

Re: finding people, I can't think of a specific way of searching within blogger, if I am trying to find someone, I would usually just google for them and perhaps add +blog to the search?

Once you have found them, along the top bar is a "follow" link, which will allow you to follow their blog. You will then find them in your dashboard but they won't appear on your blog list at the right straight away.

From dashboard, or customise, you go to edit layout. Click on "my blog list", and you can either add by URL or select "blogs I'm following" and then tick any new blogs you've added.

Hope that makes sense!