Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The kiln faeries were kind last night....

Like my blog posting, doing some glass work seems to be a bit of rare thing at the moment. I've done a couple of firings over the last few weeks, and the last one especially disappointed me.

But not one to give up, I spent last Saturday afternoon in the garden, with my flat lap grinder, working on those disappointments until, quite frankly, I was soaking wet and I'd had enough of the noise - I thought my ears were going to drop off!!

So, last night, some re-shaped pieces went back in my kiln, along with some that I have added glass bails to, and a few with dichroic additions. I don't tend to buy dichroic glass very often, its not really my *thing* - but I couldn't resist a posting a few months back on Frit Happens, where someone was selling "100 Horrors" - this lady does lots with dichroic, but had a batch of ready fired cabs the weren't up to her liking. They were a good price, and it meant I got a good variety without buying loads of glass - because I really, really, really don't need any more....

So, in the slide show below (too lazy to post individual links, sorry!), you'll see some with blobs that look as though they are sitting on top. They were "tack fused" on, which means where the glass is actually fused together, but doesn't melt all into one blob.

I've put some lovely hand-dyed silk ribbons on a couple, which have a bead at the other end, which acts as a slider - so the pendant can be adjusted from about 30" long, to as short as you like, and then worn long again at a later occasion (I often find that I might want a different length pendant, depending on what top I am wearing, so how useful is that??)

As usual, the colour of glass is often difficult to capture, especially dichroic, as you really can't see all the different reflecting colours. Oh, and I did this in a pop-up light tent which has been lent to me to see if I like it - I do, and one will definitely be in my letter to Santa. It was great to be able to take the picture without worrying about what was reflected in the glass.

I used my new dSLR, a tripod (something else I need new, this one is 27 years old and a bit lightweight), I was outside; it was cloudy, and late evening, which didn't help with colours, so they did go through photoshop, but not a huge amount. I am still getting used to all the settings on the new camera (might help if I read the instructions!), and it was threatening to rain, so they're not the best photos, but I will get there.

Anyway, here's the pics:

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