Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Call for Help - I Need A Commission!

As the title says. Why? Well, it's time to start the final project - the biggie, the important one, the graduate show!

So, why am I looking for a commission?

Over the last few years, I have found that I enjoy working to set parameters - as is often the case with site specific work, public art, commission or themed competition (last year I floundered until I entered the Biocity competition, which was themed, and where the location inspired the imagery).

I like my work to be informed by it's location - whether it's the history of the site, about the community, or what the location is used for - that's the kind of thing that inspires me.

In my infinite wisdom, I have decided to make my final degree show piece, something that would be made to commission, or site specifically.

It doesn't have to be a real commission (I know that getting approval and funding for such things can take a long time) - it doesn't even have to be anywhere that is even looking for a piece of work. Just somewhere that it might go.

Hospitals are one potential place, and as we have two hospitals/treatment centres in the region that have been built recently, I will certainly be contacting the arts coordinators there. But equally, it could be any other healthcare environment, a school, a community hall, shopping centre, new business....

I plan to work with handmade ceramic and glass tiles, and its almost certainly going to be wall art. Ideally, I need somewhere that I can get access to, as I'd need to see the site and take photographs (so I can photoshop the finished piece in situ later), and not too far to travel - East Midlands area.

If you can think of anywhere that might be suitable, which could benefit from a piece of artwork, please let me know.

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