Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Something lovely happened in the Print Room....

We're currently working on a "Negotiated Research" module at Uni. Basically, it means not necessarily towards a final aim, but exploring and refining working methods that we will be using in the Independent Study and final show next year.

I am carrying on with the tile theme (for now at least) and have been exploring different methods of making the casting moulds for ceramic and/or glass tiles.

To give my work some context, I am envisioning that a final piece might be a large scale public work in a healthcare environment (yes, the science bit is still there!)

So I have been working on different types of moulds but also different methods of surface decoration. One of those includes laser cut lino (the block printing type).

Before I took at cast of it, I wanted to run the lino through the printing press, but I was using the blind embossing method, where you don't use ink, you just get the texture in paper.

This image doesn't really show it's full loveliness, but the pressure of the press picked up some of the stained/burnt lino and transferred some colour onto the paper. This image has not been manipulated in any way, just scanned.

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