Sunday, 22 November 2009

Craft Fair Comin' Up!!

Hi All

Yes, I am finally going to sell something (at least I hope!).

I have a stand next weekend at the Long Eaton Art Room on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th November, 10 - 4 pm both days.

Unfortunately, I have been so busy with Uni work, and you know, life occasionally gets in the way (what?? I hear you ask, you actually have a life? That's not allowed, oh no! And, no, I don't have much of one at the moment!).

So, unless I get a chance this week, ha ha, its going to be mainly pendants, but I have a few lovely new designs, such as this one:

This a a real Frit Happens! collaboration of my fusing, hand-dyed silk ribbons by Diane at SowerZe Designs, dichroic element from Denise at Chameleon Designs and finished with a bead by the lovely Julie at Lush Lampwork.

It's the first craft fair I have done in over a year, and I will be sitting there with one of my study books for those (hopefully not too often!) quiet times. Wish me luck!

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ChatElaine said...

I hope you do well Dawn, sorry I can't make it would love to have met you. (Something else has come up!!) Maybe next time!