Tuesday, 2 June 2009

They say we all have a few minutes of fame....

.... in our lifetime. Am I about to get mine?

Derby Evening Telegraph

This was in yesterday's paper.

And they have suggested that, because the award is being presented by Dr Stewart Adams, famously credited with the discovery and development of Ibuprofen, they'll be taking photos of us with him. Because my work was particularly relevant to Dr Adam's work, it's likely that the local press will want those pictures.

The PR people also advise that there is interest from several other magazines, so I'll update when I know more.

Oh, and I forgot to say.... they told us that for the presentation, which is tomorrow (Wednesday), they'd like us to give a "little talk". On stage. Might be 50 people. I don't like presentations to my small class group of 15...... YIKES!

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SteamPunkGlass said...

Thats great news, fame at last! ;-)