Friday, 19 June 2009

First, last.... but definitely not least.

Titled that as its the last post I have written, but will appear top of the list....

It was Les, of Flame Born Beads, who kindly threw open the doors of her studio on a very very wet Sunday recently, let us play with her glass and torch, and that was where I met some lovely new friends from the Frit Happens! Forum. Many of which I already felt I knew after two years and couple of thousand posts! And it was lovely to see Shelley and Sandra again, and to meet Fabienne.

I wanted to show you some of the lovely work that these talented peeps from the forum produce. I've picked images at random, cos I like 'em - you'll just have to visit their websites if you want to find out if they're for sale! A lot of people have Etsy shops as well, but there's only so many links a person can post in one day!

Again, a big thank you to Les for arranging this day, now take a look at some lovely glass...

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