Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I won, I won!!!

Just a quick post to say..... I won!

- the Bioscience Competition - well, I was one of the three selected winners, but I don't know out of how many just that it was open to students of:

De Montfort University – Leicester
Lincoln School of Art and Design
Nottingham Trent University
Loughborough University
University of Derby
University of Leicester
University of Northampton
University of Nottingham

- so not lightweight competition!

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That silly grin hasn't gone away yet!


Saffie said...

well done hun that is awesome and well deserved!!!

Zelda Zog said...

Thank you Saffie!

Steve said...

Well done sis! :)

Great comments on Frit happens as well.

Zelda Zog said...

Thank you Bro!

The Frit Happens community is brilliant - full of supportive, friendly, clever people who are so willing to share their knowledge (of all things!)

ChatElaine said...

You clever thing, well done, that is totally terrific!!!