Sunday, 19 October 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I thought I better post a quick note, so that you know I am still here!

It's been a difficult couple of weeks - last year, I was SO looking forward to returning for my second year at Uni - but since I have been back, I can't say I have been "feeling it". I think yesterday was the first time I spoke with any excitement, and anybody who actually knows me will know that I can babble for England about what I am doing usually.

I'm hoping it will settle down a bit when we have got this exhibition piece sorted, its got to be finished by 27th October, and seeing as its my birthday next weekend, I really want to get mine done for next Friday as understandably I don't want to be in all weekend (when I should be recovering from a hangover....)

Now for some reason unbeknown to man, I have chosen to do this exhibition piece in ceramics. Why would I want to go and work in yet another medium that relies on the kiln gods? I must be mad, I tell ya. I'm doing combining stuff, when I have a chance I will post up some pictures, but the work involves broken bottles and different clay pots, and mixing these into a clay body. Not sure what the outcome is going to be yet!

Otherwise, we have an R&R project, which involves either restoring something (and I can't find anything to restore) or reconstructing something, using traditional or comparable techniques. I'm divided. Roman glass plate or turned lace bobbins??

On the glass front, well, my poor kiln is sitting lonely and dejected in the corner of the kitchen - I haven't had time to even think about that yet.

I am in need of a glassy fix (see, I keep sneaking glass into wherever I can at Uni, just so I can at least get a bit of it!)

Ho hum, I better go get some housework done. Or research. Or something.


Wildberry said...

Hi Dawn,

I've been checking out your glass and jewellery on your website and I really love your creations!!

I've also 'tagged' you - visit my blog if you want to join in!

Barbara x

Zelda Zog said...

Thank you Barbara, I'll have a look at this tagging lark when I have a moment (As you can probably tell by my infrequent posting, I'm snowed under!)

So, how did you find me? Isn't the internet a wonderful thing?

Bumpy Beads said...

Tagged! Hope you don't mind!

Saffie said...

Oh blimey tagged again! happy birthday!!!

ChatElaine said...

I was going to tag you too! I know see you have been tagged many times already. But then so has everyone else.