Monday, 2 August 2010

What is Craft?

Part of our three years doing a degree in Crafts was to discuss, in Context studies, the definition of craft, how it has changed, etc.

I follow Robin Wood, who's a traditional pole lathe turner that I saw working about three years back at Bolsover show... and a champion of heritage crafts (he's also the chair of the Heritage Crafts Association) - Robin often blogs about other makers, but I thought his latest post today, was an interesting read:

Robin  Wood - What is Craftsmanship?

It's just a pity that I wasn't following Robin's blog when we were doing context studies, I am sure that including his comments in essays and discussions might have earned a few brownie points!

Anyway - it's an interesting read.  I shan't harp on about definitions of 'Craft' although I still find myself feeling the need to explain, when  people ask what my degree was about, that no, I wasn't card making, or quilting....

The funny thing is, since finishing (and actually finally taking a well earned rest) the two things I have done that are vaguely creative?  Making a set of invitations for a friend (yes, the dreaded card-making!) and erm, a glass painting session... (and I don't mean with traditional methods, or enamels, I mean good old hobby paints).  Oh the irony....

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