Sunday, 27 September 2009

Mary Johnson Ceramics.

Mary was a year above me at University, so she completed her BA (Hons) Crafts degree this summer.

I went over to her house last week (With its beautiful garden), where she has as set up a ceramics studio at home - I wasn't at all jealous, really I wasn't!

We'd talked about blogs at Uni and how I thought they were useful. In the third year, we have to set up a website, but as a lot of you will already know, they are not so easy to update at times, and I think using a blog is much easier, especially if its main purpose is for information and updated pictures, as opposed for selling. So I'd offered to help her set one up.

Mary was at Wirksworth Festival and asked me if I would still go and help, which I did, last week, and here is Mary's new blog,

Mary does lovely pottery - slip decorated, wheel thrown earthenware.  To be honest, it's not the type I am normally into, but Mary's is fun and interesting,  and often very tactile too. This is one of Mary's rhubarb forcers, which I love.

It was enrolment on Thursday, well confirmation of attendance. The hard work starts on Monday, our first session being context, and the dreaded dissertation.....

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