Sunday, 15 March 2009

Arts/Crafts Auction

The third year students on my BA (Crafts) course at Derby University are trying to raise money for New Designers, an important show for graduates held in London in June and it's an expensive do.

They have been doing a variety of things - quiz night (our team won!), and each week they have a home made cake sale - yummy!

They have begged, badgered, and sometimes asked very nicely, for people to donate items for a silent auction they are holding.

There is a mixture of work by current second and third year students, as well as work donated from University lecturers as well as visiting ones - if you're interested in Ceramics, you may already know the work of Jeremy James or Josie Walter - two of our regular lecturers, and work has been donated by well established visiting specialists, evening class students and lecturers from other courses.

So, here's a link to their web page, which has a gallery of all the work - have a browse (you might even want to bid for a bargain! Only proviso is that you can collect from Derby or be willing to pay carriage).

So, apart from being nice and helping them to promote their auction, I wanted to show you the piece that I put in. We did a batch project before Christmas, which I didn't really enjoy, but did end up with several slip cast earthenware vessels - one of which I have glazed, and then this piece which was smoke fired and waxed.

I can't imagine for a moment that anybody will actually bid on it - and I don't mind if they don't as I do rather like this one myself!

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